Arlette Animation is an art website where you can follow my journey as an artist, check out exclusive Arlette Animation art, products and services, learn about art and it's process and share with me the love for art and of course Animation!

Judit Marti

2D and 3D artist


Who is Arlette?

Are you curious about how Arlette came to life? The idea of Arlette came to me on summer 2015 as the heroine of my first 3D animated project, a short student film that brought to Read more…

Character aging

If you like to draw and create your own characters, check out this tutorial! Would you like to know how to age a character’s face? You can achieve great results just by following few simple Read more…

Shark facts!

The most incredible things in life are often misunderstood. Take sharks for example, an animal commonly known (and mostly feared) by all. If you ask someone about a shark, most people will automatically associate it Read more…

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