Hi there welcome! 

What is this BLOG about?? 

In order to answer to this question, first I need to introduce you to arletteanimation.com, an artistic website where I will be sharing my artistic journey and of course the place to gather all of Arlette’s adventures and creations.

The website it’s just starting to take shape but once it’s fully operative you will be able to learn artistic techniques, from digital painting to 3D animation to traditional drawing… and of course you will also be able to find and follow all the creations born within this project. 

Now.. you might be asking, where does the animation take place? Well Arlette is an animation character that I created few years ago when I was studding animation, she was the heroine of my final project and I already knew back then that she had much more to live within her universe.

I am starting this journey by creating Arlette’s first adventures in the form of a series of picture books (a project that is currently in production) but I strongly believe in Arlette as an animated character and I will be working towards bringing her back to life through animation. 

Now that I have properly introduced Arlette and the project lets talk about the blog! 

I am a professional 2D and 3D artist, and I have been passionate about painting and creating since I was little, so in this blog, naturally I will be talking about what I love to do and sharing what I have learned in my experience as an artist. (Animation, artistic content, different techniques, materials, updates regarding projects, the thoughts behind my drawings and Arlette’s adventures…) I am also a big admirer of nature and all the animals and creatures that live within this magnificent planet, so in this blog I will also be writing some articles about nature and sharing with you some of my nature related artwork. 

I hope that you enjoy Arlete’s blog and arletteanimation.com as much as I enjoy creating it! 



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