Arlette animation, what is it about?

Welcome to Arlette animation!

Arlette Animation is an independent film website based on it’s main character, Arlette, and also her universe.  In order to build Arlette’s adventures and bring them to life through animation, I decided to share each artistic step through this website to show not just her adventures but also the creative process that we are experiencing to bring her to life.

How it all began

Few years ago the idea of Arlette appeared in front of me. I didn’t know much about her or what she was meant to be, but she was fearless, strong and creative, so of course I decided to keep her around.  She became alive for the first time in a short animated story that I created when I was studding computer animation, she came to be the heroine of my final project, reflecting the power of taking the risk of believing, creating and embracing self trust.

Few months after finishing the short film, the reel featuring Arlette as my main project helped me to get my first job in the most magical and creative industry that I know.. ANIMATION!.

After working in the animation industry for several animation projects, I decided to revisit Arlette’s world and I realized that she needed to keep growing and become a heroine to tell her own stories and connect with people the way she connected with me.

I brought her back into my life and I decided to open this website and bring her with me through this project, with animation, art and creation,  so we can all get to know her better.

Arlette and I are very excited to start this adventure and we welcome you visit our website and come back anytime for more updates, art and ANIMATION.