I have dedicated the past 15 years art and animation and I am currently working as an 2D independent artist and as a 3D artist for animation studios.

If you are thinking on joining an animation studio, studying art or animation, getting started in traditional or digital painting… and you would like to have an insight on what tools to use, how the animation industry works, what is it like to study art, get feedback on what you have been doing so far … you can now book a zoom session with me and get all your questions answered

*Zoom sessions can be done in English, French, Spanish and Catalan.

What would you like your Zoom session to be focused on?

Pick your preference and get in touch with me writing in a few lines what would you like to talk about during the zoom session.

3D Animation industry

Learn how an animation studio is structured and the different job positions that are available in the industry in order to produce a movie, what are the main tools and software that animation studios are using, how to make a demo reel and apply for a job in the industry …

Art education

Are you considering studying art or getting started on practicing and acquiring new skills. We can discuss about the different ways you can get started, and if you have already stepped into the art creation I can give you constructive feedback on what you have been doing so far, and give you some new guidelines on how to move forward.

Materials and Software

Would you like to learn how to use new tools or techniques but you are hesitant on which one to start with? I can explain you the different tools that I use to create art and recommend you products and techniques to use.

If you are interested in Animation and 3D industry I can walk you through the most common software that are being used to create animated films, so that you are a bit more familiar with them before you start to learn them..

1 session + 1 following up email

40 €

Every session can last from 1h to 1h and 30 minutes.

* includes a following up email to answer any questions that might come up afterwards.

Press here to learn more about my work experience:

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