Freelance 3D Art Services

Working experience since 2015 in the 3D animation industry, for different studios and projects, from Netflix TV shows and theme park attractions, to big screen movies like Illumination’s Minions 2

Freelance 2D Art Services

Freelance 2D Art services. From character and concept design, to logo design, social media art (filters, stickers, gifs, story backgrounds), illustration, using different techniques from digital art (pixel or vector) to more traditional ones like watercolors, gouache and acrylic.

3D Art services

Working experience in several studios across Canada and Europe, currently residing in France and able to telework.

My experience and passion for the world of 3D animation has brought me to gain a good understanding of how an animated 3D project works and be a versatile artist that works with technique and creativity

You can check out my full work experience and skills in my resume. For further discussion please get in touch.

2D Art Services

Professional 2D art services to create graphic content and design characters and environment.

I am very passionate about creating characters and giving them their own particular treats and personalities. I can create character sheets with different poses and expressions, 180 drawings and even translate the designs into a first version of a fully modeled character.

I can work in your preferred technique and style matching your idea :

  • Digital (pixel or vector)
  • Traditional (acrylic, gouache, watercolor, dry media … )
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